Amibroker RTData
  • Amibroker Real Time Data available for Equity, Futures, Index Options, Commodity , Agri Commodity and Currency.
  • RTData  software automatically connect and update data in Amibroker.
  • RTData  Software may be used on two systems alternately on 3 months or more subscriptions.
  • Backfill for 60 Days in 1Min format available for all Equity, Futures, Options, Commodity, Agri Commodity and Currency.
  • Backfill facility available 24×7 from our server.
  • 600+ Symbols Supported. Equity (230+), FnO (All 1st month series) & All symbols of Comm & Currency.
  • RTData comes in amibroker exploration mode for realtime scan of auto buy sell signals.
  • One Click Auto configure with amibroker.
  • Intraday high speed Real Time Tick by Tick Data . Low network latency with ultrafast delivery.
  • Download data of multiple symbols simultaneously in same 1 min format as smallest candle size is 1min which ensure quality & accuracy.
  • OS Supported : Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit).
  • Amibroker Free Download

  • Dedicated Technical and Customer Care Team for online support during Market Hours.