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Minimum System Requirements

Windows Operating System ( 8 or above )

Amibroker version 6.0 or Above

Support : Amibroker 32 bit only…

Download : Microsoft .net 4.72


  • Amibroker Database Creation

  • Create new database: Go to File menu -> New -> Database

  • Enter/browse the path to the newly created database

  • Press the Create button

  • Select data source: Amibroker Data Plugin

  • Local data storage: Enable

  • Enter the number of bars ( 45000 )

  • Set base time interval (1 min )

  • Press Ok

Backfill Data
  • (Demo version dispalys Limited recent bars only .)
  • The Paid Version can download thousands of bars/time interval backfill data,many symbols have full history from daily interval up.

Amibroker Data Plugin

TV RTData Plugin 3 Days Demo

Amibroker Software

Amibroker 6.2 Trial Version

Ammyy Admin Software

Rust Desk Software

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